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Anesthesiology | History of Science, Technology, and Medicine


William Thomas Green Morton, the man most commonly associated with the introduction of anesthesia in 1846, fathered William James Morton. William James Morton’s contributions to society were substantial. He conducted pioneering work in radiology, radiation oncology, and therapeutic electricity. He authored numerous textbooks and articles, and he was an editor of a journal on human behavior. His expertise on diamond mining led to an error in judgment that resulted in a felony conviction. We examine his career and contributions to society, and consider his career in light of his father, William Thomas Green Morton.


Aponte-Feliciano A, Desai SP, Desai MS. William James Morton (1845 – 1920): Like Father, Like Son. Bulletin of Anesthesia History 2013;31(1):18-20. Link to issue on publisher's website

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Bulletin of Anesthesia History

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