Anaclet Lab Student Publications


This collection showcases the journal articles and other publications authored by researchers in the Anaclet Lab. The Anaclet Lab at the University of Massachusetts Medical School was established in 2016, in the Department of Neurobiology. Student authors are Kristopher L. Holloway (Neuroscience Program) and Evelyn T. M. Erickson (Neuroscience Program).


Publications from 2020


Investigating the Role of Phox2B-expressing Glutamatergic Parafacial Zone Neurons in Sleep Wake Control, Evelyn T. M. Erickson

Publications from 2019


Differential Role of Pontomedullary Glutamatergic Neuronal Populations in Sleep-Wake Control, Evelyn T. M. Erickson, Loris L. Ferrari, Heinrich S. Gompf, and Christelle Anaclet

Publications from 2018


Functionally Complete Excision of Conditional Alleles in the Mouse Suprachiasmatic Nucleus by Vgat-ires-Cre, David R. Weaver, Vincent van der Vinne, Eustathia Lela Giannaris, Thomas J. Vajtay, Kristopher L. Holloway, and Christelle Anaclet