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Inhibition of bromodomain proteins for the treatment of human diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Sally E. Trabucco, Rachel M. Gerstein, Andrew M. Evens, James E. Brander, Leonard D. Shultz, Dale Greiner, and Hong Zhang


A Systematic Review of Electronic Portal Usage Among Patients with Diabetes
Daniel J. Amante, Timothy P. Hogan, Sherry L. Pagoto, and Thomas M. English


Rictor/mTORC2 Loss in the Myf5 Lineage Reprograms Brown Fat Metabolism and Protects Mice against Obesity and Metabolic Disease
Chien-Min Hung, Camila Martinez Calejman, Joan Sanchez-Gurmaches, Huawei Li, Clary B. Clish, Simone Hettmer, Amy J. Wagers, and David A. Guertin


Dysthymic Disorder
Jerry L. Halverson, Sarah Langenfeld, Rebecca Lundquist, Alan Schmetzer, Brian R. Szetela, and Francisco Talavera


Menopause and Mood Disorders
Stacey B. Gramann, Rebecca Lundquist, Sarah Langenfeld, Mohammed Memon, and Francisco Talavera


The Effectiveness of Prenatal and Postpartum Emotional Health Screening
Rebecca Lundquist, Kenneth E. Fletcher, Jennifer Taub, and Tara Zandi


Enhancement of the selectivity and antitumor efficacy of a CC-1065 analogue through immunoconjugate formation
Ravi V. J. Chari, K A Jackel, L A Bourret, S M Derr, B M Tadayoni, Kristin M. Mattocks, S A Shah, C Liu, W A Blattler, and V S Goldmacher


Eradication of large colon tumor xenografts by targeted delivery of maytansinoids
C Liu, B M Tadayoni, L A Bourret, K M Mattocks, S M Derr, W C Widdison, N L Kedersha, P D Ariniello, V S Goldmacher, J M Lambert, W A Blattler, and R V Chari


The role of gender in MPH graduates' salaries
E H Bradley, W White, E Anderson, K Mattocks, and A Pistell


Black-white disparities in HIV/AIDS: the role of drug policy and the corrections system
Kim M Blankenship, Amy B Smoyer, Sarah J Bray, and Kristin Mattocks


The state of physician office-based health information technology in Connecticut: current use, barriers and future plans
Kristin Mattocks, Kenneth Lalime, Janet P Tate, Tierney E Giannotti, Kevin Carr, Angelo Carrabba, Thomas Blum, and Thomas P Meehan


Drug toxicity, HIV progression, or comorbidity of aging: does tipranavir use increase the risk of intracranial hemorrhage
Amy C Justice, David S Zingmond, Kirsha S Gordon, Shawn L Fultz, Joseph L Goulet, Joseph T Jr King, Dawn M Bravata, Hernan Valdez, Michael Kraft, and Kristin M Mattocks


Development of an electronic medical record-based clinical decision support tool to improve HIV symptom management
Claudia M Nader, Joel Tsevat, Amy C Justice, Joseph M Mrus, Forrest Levin, Michael J Kozal, Kristin Mattocks, Steven Farber, Michelle Rogers, Joseph Erdos, Cynthia Brandt, Ian Kudel, and Ronald Braithwaite


Gender differences in rates of depression, PTSD, pain, obesity, and military sexual trauma among Connecticut War Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan
Sally G Haskell, Kirsha S Gordon, Kristin Mattocks, Mona Duggal, Joseph Erdos, Amy Justice, and Cynthia A Brandt


Erectile dysfunction drug receipt, risky sexual behavior and sexually transmitted diseases in HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected men
Robert L Cook, Kathleen A McGinnis, Jeffrey H Samet, David A Fiellin, Maria C Rodriguez-Barradas, Kevin L Kraemer, Cynthia L Gibert, R Scott Braithwaite, Joseph L Goulet, Kristin Mattocks, Stephen Crystal, Adam J Gordon, Krisann K Oursler, and Amy C Justice

*Updated as of 07/22/14.