Payments in Support of Effective Primary Care for Chronic Conditions

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Department of Quantitative Health Sciences

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Health Economics | Health Policy | Health Services Administration | Health Services Research | Primary Care


Risk adjustment models can establish appropriate payments and incentives for delivering superior primary care, particularly to people with chronic conditions, through health-based capitation and performance assessment in a patient-centered medical home (PCMH). The practical issues and administrative structures for implementing bundled PCMH payment that we discuss are relevant for single-payer Scandinavian countries as well as the US. Feasibility is supported by the “virtual all-payer” PCMH pilot of one US health plan.


Primary care, Risk adjustment, Patient-centered medical home, Capitation, Primary care activity level (PCAL)

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Nordic Economic Policy Review


Full text link is for entire issue of Nordic Economic Policy Review. Ellis and Ash article is on pages 193-212 of the PDF.

Citation: Ellis RP, Ash AS. Payments in Support of Effective Primary Care for Chronic Conditions. Nordic Economic Policy Review. 2013(514):193-212. DOI 10.6027/TN2013-514