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There is a complex and bi-directional relationship between childhood trauma and emotional dysregulation. Childhood trauma is associated with: reduced ability to understand and regulate emotions; mediated by relational/attachment difficulties with caregivers and peers; heightened levels of internalizing and externalizing psychopathology; impaired social functioning beginning in childhood and continuing into adulthood.

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Citation: Dvir Y, Denietolis B. Childhood Maltreatment, Emotional Regulation, and Psychiatric Comorbidities. American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children Annual Colloquium. Boston, MA, July 2015.

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Presented at the 23rd annual American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children Annual Colloquium, Boston, July 2015.


childhood maltreatment, emotional dysregulation, psychiatric comorbidities, childhood trauma, neurobiology of emotion regulation, maturation, emotional development



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