Choroid plexus blood flow: evidence for dopaminergic influence

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Animals; Cerebral Cortex; Choroid Plexus; Dopamine; Female; Haloperidol; Propranolol; Regional Blood Flow; Renal Circulation; Sheep




Choroid plexus blood flow was measured in adult female sheep using the radioactive microsphere technique. The response of choroid plexus, renal and cortical blood flow to the infusion of dopamine (11 sheep), haloperidol (7 sheep) and propranolol (6 sheep) were compared. Choroid plexus and renal blood flow significantly increased after dopamine infusion (55% and 49% respectively). Choroid plexus and renal blood flow decreased significantly following haloperidol infusion (-24% and 29% respectively). Cortical blood flow did not significantly change. Propranolol infusion did not significantly change blood flow in these regions. These observations suggest that dopaminergic mechanisms play a role in the regulation of choroid plexus as well as renal blood flow.

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Citation: Brain Res. 1984 Jan 2;290(1):165-9.

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