Children of Parents with Mental Illnesses

UMMS Affiliation

Department of Psychiatry; Clinical and Population Health Research; Center for Mental Health Services Research



Document Type

Book Chapter

Medical Subject Headings

Family Relations; Mental Disorders; Mentally Ill Persons; Child of Impaired Parents




Citation: Nicholson, J., Cooper, J., Freed, R., & Isaacs, M. (2008) Children of parents with mental illnesses. In Gullotta, T.P. & Blau, G. (Eds.) Family influences on childhood behavior and development. New York: Routledge, pp. 231-266. ISBN 0415965322, 9780415965323.

This chapter of Family Influences on Childhood Behavior and Development: Evidence-Based Prevention and Treatment Approaches explores the risks faced by children living with parents with mental illness. Individual, family, and community factors influencing risk and resiliency are considered, along with evidence-based treatment interventions, psychopharmacology recommendations, strategies for preventing psychopathology in children, and recommended best practices for clinicians.

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