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Journal of eScience Librarianship (Lamar Soutter Library)

ISSN 2161-3974

The Journal of eScience Librarianship (JESLIB) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that advances the theory and practice of librarianship with a special focus on services related to data-driven research in the physical, biological, social, and medical sciences, including public health. JESLIB explores the many roles of librarians in supporting eScience and welcomes articles by contributors from all areas of the globe related to education, outreach, collaborations, policy, tools, and best practices. The journal includes peer-reviewed articles discussing topics such as research data management, librarians embedded on research teams, data services, data curation, and data sharing and re-use. Submissions covering both theoretical and practical applications are welcomed.

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Neurological Bulletin (Neurology)

Neurological Bulletin is a journal to promote scientific inquiry and reasoning for trainees in neurology and neuroscience, and the academic neurology community at large. The Bulletin publishes original investigations, case reports and case series, therapeutic trials, and timely reviews, written by students, residents, or fellows, with faculty as possible co-authors or mentors. Manuscripts that explore novel initiatives pertaining to neurological education are also encouraged. Letters to the editor regarding previous articles and on topics of concern to academic neurology will also be considered.

Psychiatry Information in Brief (Psychiatry)

A Center for Mental Health Services Research and Career Development and Research Office Publication

Psychiatry Information in Brief is a journal devoted to the dissemination of behavioral health information. This journal focuses on translating research findings into concise, user-friendly information that is accessible to all. It incorporates an array of dissemination products including:

  • Psychiatry Issue Briefs: Concise research findings with real-world recommendations and action items for providers and consumers of mental health services
  • Research in the Works: Brief one page descriptions of on-going research at the UMass Department of Psychiatry
  • Research You Can Use: Research findings from literature reviews, white papers, and other research aimed at busy providers
  • Transitions RTC: Publications aimed at improving supports for youth and young adults with serious mental health conditions

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The Journal of Global Radiology (Radiology)

ISSN 2372-8418

The Journal of Global Radiology (JGR) is a specialized journal of radiology that acts as a source of education and motivation to initiate a dialogue on global issues related to access to medical imaging. JGR catalogues philosophical and scientific work that falls within the definition of Global Radiology.