Soft tissue pathology around the hip

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Connective Tissue; Endoscopy; Femur; Hip Injuries; Hip Joint; Humans; Pain; Syndrome


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Snapping hip syndromes have been treated with open surgery for many years. Recently, endoscopic techniques have been developed for treatment of snapping hip syndromes with results that are at least comparable if not better than those reported for open procedures. The greater trochanteric pain syndrome is well known by orthopedic surgeons. However, deep understanding of the pathologic conditions generating pain in the greater trochanteric region and endoscopic access to it has only recently been described. Although evidence regarding endoscopic techniques for the treatment of the greater trochanteric pain syndrome is mainly anecdotal, early published reports are encouraging.

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Citation: Clin Sports Med. 2011 Apr;30(2):391-415. Link to article on publisher's site

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