Biomimetic Bonelike Composites and Novel Bioactive Glass Coatings

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Department of Orthopedics and Physical Rehabilitation; Department of Cell Biology



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Absorbable Implants; Bone Substitutes; Biocompatible Materials


Orthopedics | Rehabilitation and Therapy


Metallic orthopaedic implants have been successfully used for decades but they have serious shortcomings related to their osseointegration and the fact that their mechanical properties do not match those of bone. This paper reviews recent advances in the fabrication of novel coatings to improve implant osseointegration and in the development of a new generation of hybrid organic-inorganic implant materials specifically designed for orthopaedic applications.

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Citation: Tomsia AP, Saiz E, Song J, Bertozzi C. Biomimetic bonelike composites and novel bioactive glass coatings. Adv Eng Mat. 2005 Jan; 7: 999-1004. Link to article on publisher's website


At the time of publication, Jie Song was not yet affiliated with the University of Massachusetts Medical School.