Chromatin remodeling enzymes: taming the machines. Third in review series on chromatin dynamics

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Adenosine Triphosphate; Animals; Chromatin; DNA; Drosophila Proteins; Gene Expression Regulation; Histones; Humans


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Members of the ATP-dependent family of chromatin remodeling enzymes play key roles in the regulation of transcription, development, DNA repair and cell cycle. Each of these enzymes are multi-subunit assemblies that hydrolyze thousands of molecules of ATP in order to change nucleosome positions, disrupt DNA-histone interactions and perhaps destabilize chromatin folding. Here I review recent studies that suggest these potent machines can be 'tamed' by one of several mechanisms: targeting their activity to localized regions, blocking their chromatin binding activity or inhibiting their remodeling activity.

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Citation: EMBO Rep. 2002 Apr;3(4):319-22. Link to article on publisher's site

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