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Biological Markers; Diagnosis, Differential; Fibrosis; Hepacivirus; Hepatitis; Humans; Immune System; Liver Diseases; MicroRNAs


Life Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences


MicroRNAs are a class of small non-coding RNAs that are found in plants, animals, and some viruses. They modulate the gene function at the post-transcriptional level and act as a fine tuner of various processes, such as development, proliferation, cell signaling, and apoptosis. They are associated with different types and stages of cancer. Recent studies have shown the involvement of microRNAs in liver diseases caused by various factors, such as Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, metabolic disorders, and by drug abuse. This review highlights the role of microRNAs in liver diseases and their potential use as therapeutic molecules.

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Citation: World J Gastroenterol. 2009 Dec 7;15(45):5633-40. Link to article on publisher's website

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