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Department of Psychiatry, Brudnick Neuropsychiatric Research Institute



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Animals; Brain Diseases; Chromatin; DNA Methylation; Epigenesis, Genetic; Gene Expression Regulation; Genetic Predisposition to Disease; Histone Deacetylases; Histones; Humans; Nervous System


Life Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences | Neuroscience and Neurobiology


It is becoming increasingly clear that epigenetic modifications are critical factors in the regulation of gene expression. With regard to the nervous system, epigenetic alterations play a role in a diverse set of processes and have been implicated in a variety of disorders. Gaining a more complete understanding of the essential components and underlying mechanisms involved in epigenetic regulation could lead to novel treatments for a number of neurological and psychiatric conditions.

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Citation: J Neurosci. 2008 Nov 12;28(46):11753-9. Link to article on publisher's site


Co-author Yan Jiang is a student in the Neuroscience program in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) at UMass Medical School.

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