Improving Health Information Literacy of Early Adolescents Using a Lead Poisoning Curriculum



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A Lead Poisoning Curriculum – Improving Health Literacy

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The purpose of this community outreach project was to improve health information literacy skills and lead poisoning knowledge in underserved early adolescents. An interactive curriculum focusing on one website (MedlinePlus) and one health issue (lead poisoning) was developed and used at an inner city school. Pre- and post-program surveys were used to assess the effectiveness of the curriculum. Results showed statistically significant improvements in both health information literacy skills and lead poisoning knowledge of 42 sixth graders. University-led community outreach collaborations to deliver an interactive curriculum in the school setting is a successful model for teaching health information literacy skills to early adolescents.


Information Literacy | Public Health Education and Promotion


Early adolescents, health information literacy skills, lead poisoning, school-based education, website


Citation: Friel CJ, Bond I, Lahoz MR. Improving health information literacy of early adolescents using a lead poisoning curriculum. Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet. 2015;19(3-4):149-60. doi:10.1080/15398285.2015.1089392