Lois Lab Student Publications


This collection showcases the journal articles and other publications authored by students in the Lois Lab. The Lois Lab was located at the University of Massachusetts Medical School from 2010-2015, in the Department of Neurobiology. The Lois Lab relocated to Cal Tech in Pasadena, CA, see http://carlosloislab.blogspot.com.es/2014/09/home.html. Student authors are Ting-Hao Huang (Neuroscience Program).


Publications from 2016


Monitoring cell-cell contacts in vivo in transgenic animals, Ting-Hao Huang, Tarciso Velho, and Carlos Lois


Dye-Sensitized Core/Active Shell Upconversion Nanoparticles for Optogenetics and Bioimaging Applications, Xiang Wu, Yuanwei Zhang, Kendra Takle, Osman Bilsel, Zhan Jun Li, Hyungseok Lee, Carlos Lois, Yang Xiang, and Gang Han