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Bone marrow cells as the origin of stomach cancer

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Calin Stoicov

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Cancer Biology

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Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology



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Animals; Bone Marrow Cells; Cell Differentiation; Cell Transformation, Neoplastic; Humans; Stomach Neoplasms


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Cells derived from bone marrow are pluripotent, with the ability to differentiate into multiple cell types. Environmental cues dictate differentiation decisions. It should not be surprising then, that abnormal cell environments lead to abnormal differentiation of these cells, and in some cases, malignant transformation. Identifying a role for bone marrow-derived cells in the initiation and progression of cancer allows a dramatic change in the way in which cancer is viewed. Identifying the cell responsible for initiating a tumor offers the exciting possibility of specifically targeting unique aspects of these cells and altering signaling properties for more effective therapeutic approaches.

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Citation: Future Oncol. 2005 Dec;1(6):851-62. Link to article on publisher's site

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Future oncology (London, England)

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