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Sensitivity of bacteriophage RB69 DNA polymerase to N2-(p-n-butylphenyl)-2'-deoxyguanosine nucleotides

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Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology

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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; Department of Pharmacology and Molecular Toxicology



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Bacteriophage T4; Bacteriophages; Crystallography, X-Ray; DNA-Directed DNA Polymerase; Deoxyguanine Nucleotides; Enzyme Inhibitors


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The response of bacteriophage RB69 DNA polymerase to N2-(p-n-butylphenyl)-2'-deoxyguanosine 5'-triphosphate (BuPdGTP), related nucleotides and non-nucleoside inhibitors was measured and compared to values obtained for the closely related DNA polymerase from bacteriophage T4. Both enzymes showed similar responses to inhibitors in terms of Ki values and the ability to utilize BuPdGTP as a substrate. These results provide the relevance of using the recent crystal structure of RB69 DNA polymerase for analysis of BuPdGTP/B family DNA polymerase interactions.

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Citation: Nucleosides Nucleotides. 1999 Oct;18(10):2193-9.

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Nucleosides and nucleotides

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