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ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling

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Adenosine Triphosphate; Amino Acid Sequence; Animals; Chromatin; DNA-Binding Proteins; *Gene Expression Regulation; Models, Molecular; Molecular Sequence Data; Nucleic Acid Conformation; Nucleosomes; Protein Conformation; Sequence Alignment; Transcription Factors; Transcription, Genetic


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The study of chromatin and how this dynamic structure modulates events in the eukaryotic nucleus has become an increasingly important topic in biomedical research. A large number of enzymes have been discovered that are responsible for modifying and altering chromatin structure, either globally or specifically at particular gene promoters or regions of the chromosome. This chapter provides an introduction to the structure of chromatin and then describes how special classes of enzymes modulate chromatin structure to allow access to DNA.

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Citation: Curr Top Dev Biol. 2005;65:115-48. Link to article on publisher's site

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Current topics in developmental biology

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