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5' avian leukosis virus sequences and osteopetrotic potential

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Animals; Avian leukosis virus; Base Sequence; Chickens; Cloning, Molecular; Codon; DNA, Viral; Molecular Sequence Data; Osteopetrosis; Plasmids; RNA, Messenger; Recombination, Genetic; Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid; Restriction Mapping


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Recombinants of Rous-associated virus-0 and Br21 have been used to localize 5' viral sequences that affect the osteopetrotic potential of avian leukosis viruses. Rous-associated virus-0 is a benign subgroup E virus of endogenous origin that does not cause osteopetrosis. Br21 is a constructed subgroup E virus with high osteopetrotic potential. 5' sequences that affected osteopetrotic potential resided in an 834-bp region near the 5' LTR. Sequence analysis of this region revealed differences between Br21 and RAV-0 in the mRNA leader and codons for MA.

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Citation: Virology. 1992 Oct;190(2):866-71.

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