Antenatally diagnosed cloacal exstrophy variant with intravesical phallus in a twin pregnancy

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Department of Surgery, Division of Urology; Department of Cell Biology



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*Abnormalities, Multiple; Anus, Imperforate; Bladder Exstrophy; *Diseases in Twins; Fatal Outcome; Humans; Infant, Newborn; Male; Penis


We report a rare case of covered cloacal exstrophy variant with a hemiphallus trapped within partially closed bladder halves. The persistence of the cloacal membrane until at least 18 weeks' gestation, confirmed by antenatal ultrasound scanning, is discordant with existing theories of embryogenesis of cloacal exstrophy. The clinical presentation highlights the need for careful assessment, before and during surgery, to obtain a complete understanding of the anatomic defect before gender assignment and appropriate reconstructive efforts. A multispecialty approach and antenatal counseling are important, especially when only one fetus of twins has major birth defects.

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Citation: Urology. 2001 Jun;57(6):1178. DOI 10.1016/S0090-4295(01)01082-2

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