Mapping Billions of Short Reads to a Reference Genome

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Program in Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology; Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

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Bioinformatics | Computational Biology | Genomics | Molecular Biology


Rapid development and commercialization of instruments that can accurately, rapidly, and cheaply sequence billions of DNA bases is revolutionizing molecular biology and medicine. Because a reference genome is usually available, the first bioinformatics challenge presented by the new generation of high-throughput sequencers is the genome mapping problem, where each read is mapped to a reference genome to reveal its location(s). An introduction to mapping algorithms, as well as factors that influence their results, is provided here.

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Citation: Cold Spring Harb Protoc. 2017 Jan 3;2017(1):pdb.top093153. doi: 10.1101/pdb.top093153. Link to article on publisher's site

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