About eScholarship@UMMS

eScholarship@UMMS is an open access digital repository offering worldwide access to the research and scholarly work of the University of Massachusetts Medical School community. The goal is to bring together the University's scholarly output in order to enhance its visibility and accessibility. We help individual researchers and departments organize, preserve and disseminate their research beyond the walls of the Medical School by archiving publications, posters, presentations and other materials they produce in their scholarly pursuits. eScholarship@UMMS is a service of the Lamar Soutter Library.

Faculty, researchers, staff, and students associated with the University of Massachusetts Medical School are invited to deposit their digital materials. For more information about participating in eScholarship@UMMS, see the FAQ, our eScholarship@UMMS Library Guide or contact at the Lamar Soutter Library.

Content archived in over 100 collections in eScholarship@UMMS includes:

eScholarship@UMMS reached a significant milestone when it topped 1 million downloads on February 17, 2016. Read the announcement about this milestone.

Benefits of eScholarship@UMMS

See our eScholarship@UMMS Library Guide and view our poster illustrating some of the benefits!

  • Searched by Google and other search engines to maximize readership and impact of your scholarship
  • Wider exposure will potentially lead to earlier and increased citation of your work
  • Each month you will be emailed usage statistics on the full text downloads for each of your documents in the repository
  • Great recruitment tool for schools and departments to recruit students, faculty, researchers
  • Your research is stored in a central, searchable database
  • Ensures long-term preservation of your digital materials
  • Provides a long-term stable link for each document and easy access to your papers
  • Ability to create personal researcher pages and publish open access electronic journals such as Psychiatry Information in Brief and the Journal of Global Radiology
  • RSS feeds and automatic email notification for updates on newly published content